Unseen Underground was formed during Summer 2008 with a solitary purpose of creating right platform for the upcoming musicians to showcase their  talents . The idea was then developed and expanded to a new dimension by which the bands/ musicians, promoters and sponsors are given  enormous  opportunities to take it to a mutually beneficial endeavor. We identify new talents, provide them stage, huge publicity and media support, during this process we work for different projects as per the requirement of the brands (companies) who want to promote their product & services among the intellectual youth. It is a very good opportunity for our sponsors and associates to market their product / services through our events, in a very reasonable way. 

Unseen Underground Pub Fest has been our remarkable success over the last one year, which draws the maximum number of attendees for any indoor rock/metal shows in India. We have partnered with all major newspapers, magazines, music channels, radio channels etc to provide the best publicity for the talents and other associates. Saturday Night Live and New Year Eve’s Ragnarok Fest are the two other shows that have made a mark in our milestone within our short journey so far.

Pub & club shows, corporate shows, college shows, branding activity, mall activity & open air performances are in the arena of our main business. The current focus of Unseen Underground is to bring various non-mainstream International bands to India and vice versa. Keep visiting our site for exciting update.